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TW Healthy Lunchbox
TW Healthy Lunchbox
TW Healthy Lunchbox
TW Healthy Lunchbox
TW Healthy Lunchbox
TW Healthy Lunchbox
TW Healthy Lunchbox
TW Healthy Lunchbox
TW Healthy Lunchbox
TW Healthy Lunchbox
TW Healthy Lunchbox

TW Healthy Lunchbox

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Did you know that 80% of people who eat out of home, like workers, don't have good eating habits? And did you know that most of these people consume an additional 100.000 calories each year? Just by eating snacks!

One of our great purposes every year is to improve our eating habits. The long working hours, the displacement and the little free time we have make this task very difficult to achieve. In the end we opted for easy and quick options but also expensive and unhealthy. In the long run, the best option is to have our lunchbox for every day and make the meal at home, with our ingredients.

To face life with joy and desire to live it intensely here we have some ideas of good habits to improve our health, performance and energy:

  1. Take advantage of the weekend to cook. It's the time of the week with more free time and is a good option if you don't want to cook after work. You can choose very varied and healthy dishes. It's important the variety of the ingredients, the most recommendable thing is that half of the food are vegetables and fruits, a quarter of the plate whole grains and another quarter of proteins. It's also recommended to consume healthy plant oils and drink water, coffee or tea and omit sugary drinks and limit milk and juices.
  2. Choose foods that help you perform better at work. Blueberries have a positive effect on memory and concentration, they favour the circulation of blood to some parts of the brain. Also foods such as salmon and avocado, rich in omega 3 acids, affect memory.
  3. Never forgive breakfast. You must remember the importance of breakfast to recharge you with energy for the whole morning and also to defend yourself from stress peaks, especially if you incorporate foods such as milk, tea, citrus fruits, avocado, dark chocolate or oatmeal.
  4. Include green foods. They may appear as a garnish or as a main ingredient. It's interesting to alternate the colours of the vegetables we eat because they provide different nutrients. Don't forget the legumes and moderate the amount of bread and carbohydrates, will also help prevent drowsiness.
  5. Variety in diet. It's very important because there is no food that contains all the essential nutrients for the body. The different foods must be consumed in a certain amount throughout the week to achieve a balanced diet for each person.
  6. Set a fixed time and a set time for eating. It's essential to devote adequate time to eating, at least 20 minutes. Try not to eat at the desk, choose the right environment and it will help to disconnect at least for a few moments, it will also help you to perform better later. For dessert, a skimmed yogurt, coffee or infusion is recommended, it will allow you to feel less heavy and digestion will be carried out more quickly.
  7. Don't forget hydration. It's recommended that you drink at least one and a half litres of water a day, exercise regularly and eat 5 meals a day. These recommendations will help you feel good and stay fit.
  8. Learn to say no. It's likely that you have colleagues who are used to ordering food from work, such as pizzas, kebabs, ... so you must persevere and learn to decline these offers except on specific days.
  9. Healthy snacks between meals. Reject prefabricated snacks or industrial pastries as appetizers, as you have in your hand other much healthier alternatives such as a yogurt, a piece of fruit or nuts.


  • Made of PP5, biodegradable and recyclable material:
    • BPA Free.
    • Totally waterproof.
    • Corrosion resistant.
    • Resistant to high temperatures.
    • Resistant to abrupt temperature changes.
    • A healthy alternative for the environment.
  • Compact multilayer design. Separate wet and dry foods. Waterproof top layer, ideal for liquids thanks to its flexible seal. Keeps food fresh.
  • Rounded corners for easy transport.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe, so you can heat your food quickly and safely.
  • Size and capacity
    • 900ml: 18,8cm x 11,2cm x 8,3cm
    • 750ml: 18,8cm x 8,5cm x 8cm
  • Colours: green, pink and beige. Modern and minimalist design with warm colours.
  • Ideal for the office, trips, school, picnics or sport.
  • Package includes lunch box, spoon and fork.
  • Designed for everyday use.
  • Premium Quality.

Because it's also nice and rewarding to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. We want to make it easy for you, the Healthy LunchBox is perfect for eating out preserving the quality of your food and helping to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

There's no excuse, you already have a great option to improve your life.

Order now and get yours!