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The Best Wooden Watches for Men

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Why Choose Men’s Wooden Watches?

A good men’s watch is an accessory that represents masculinity, presence and class. Wearing a real wooden watch is the best way to connect the greatness of nature with the strength and essence of a gentleman.

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BOBO BIRD is a world-class creator of watches and accessories. Their luxury watches result from expert Japanese craftsmanship and the latest of technology. Handmade with recycled bamboo, maple and sandalwood, these luxury watches for men are all unique pieces.

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The Latest in Innovation

BOBOBIRD watch series represent their commitment to innovation and excellent craftsmanship. These bamboo watches are the best example of how to push the limits of what wood and steel can achieve to bring you the art of nature to your wrist.

Natural and Unique

Unlike manufactured products produced in large quantities as exact replicas, the wood grain used to make each of the watches is unique to each one. Two BOBO BIRD cannot be identical, as each wood goes through its growth process over the years and is worked individually by the craftsman.

Each segment of the watch is different from the other and you can clearly see the grains and shades of the wood. For this reason, when purchasing a bamboo watch you have the guarantee of owning an original piece.

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Better Throughout the Years

Each watch tells the story of its life.  As a natural product, wood is random and variable so the color of your watch may not look the same from that of the photos.  Also, with age wooden watches change their tonality and become more beautiful every year. Because of this, they’re considered as one of the best gifts for men. It is common for watches like these to be passed down from generation to generation as a reminder of previous owners’ legacy.

Sustainable and Lightweight

These wood grain watches help you commit to make our planet a better place to live. They are eco-friendly products with great designs, free of polluting plastics and metals.

Unlike steel wrist watches, BOBO BIRD original grain watches are incredibly lightweight because of their less dense material and resistant to temperature changes. Wearing a wooden watch feels pleasant and light despite the internal metal mechanism.

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Steel or plastic watches can contain alloys or skin irritable chemicals, which make them uncomfortable and painful to wear, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Wooden watches are less likely to cause skin reactions because of their natural material. Wood is warmer to the touch and doesn’t heat as steel does.

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Don't miss the opportunity of purchasing an exclusive BOBO BIRD wooden watch and the unique beauty of nature will accompany you everyday.

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